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Week in Review: July 25 to July 31

In case you missed any of this week's articles, here is a round-up of some of the most read pieces written by the Economic Collapse News staff: Britain’s Minimum Wage Short-Changes Young Workers Florida judge declares bitcoin is not money Media … [Read more...]

U.S. economy grows a mere 1.2% in second quarter

The United States economy still remains sluggish, even with the printing presses turned on 24/7. With President Barack Obama on the cusp of leaving the White House, he'd probably want to have a strong economy to leave behind. Well, the latest … [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton’s Pokemon Go reference proves she’s really a robot (video) Hillary Clinton really is a robot. During a campaign rally earlier this month, 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton proved once and for all that she's a robot looking to enslave mankind. This was apparent after she made a Pokemon … [Read more...]

U.S. homeownership rate plummets to lowest level since 1965

The last time the homeownership rate in the United States was this low, Lyndon Baines Johnson was wreaking havoc as president, "The Sound of Music" was the No. 1 motion picture at the box office and the Los Angeles Dodgers were World Series … [Read more...]

Wall Street hedge funds love Hillary Clinton much more than Donald Trump

It's official: Wall Street loves Hilary Clinton more than Donald Trump. The Wall Street Journal is reporting, using data from Center for Responsive Politics, Wall Street hedge funds are pouring big money into the Clinton campaign. In fact, there … [Read more...]

Marvin Bush is voting for Gary Johnson in November

Marvin Bush is voting for Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson in November. The brother of former President George W. Bush and the son of former President George H.W. Bush, who works as an investment banker, told a radio station that he won't be … [Read more...]

Discrimination Against Discrimination: Why We Don’t Need Anti-Discrimination Laws

By: Jonathan Newman In March of this year, the North Carolina state government passed legislation with at least two controversial components. The law requires that people use bathrooms according to what their birth certificate says regarding sex … [Read more...]

5 random things for a Friday (Jake Tapper responds to DNC leak, palladium surging, Milton Friedman on conscription)

News Story of the Day: The Wikileaks dump of DNC emails this past week have provided some interesting insight into the political process and the mainstream media (SEE: Media Collusion & Rewarding Big Donors: 5 of the biggest findings from DNC … [Read more...]

Japan may follow France, Spain with issuance of 50-year bonds

In order to take advantage of its subzero interest rates, the Japanese government is considering issuing 50-year bonds for the first time in its history, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. As part of efforts to stimulate the … [Read more...]

Video: Interesting interview with Nigel Farage at the RNC, talking Brexit & Donald Trump

Former UKIP leader and the head Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage was in Cleveland last week to attend the Republican National Convention (RNC). He wasn't there to endorse Donald Trump or any other political candidate, though he has said that he would … [Read more...]