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Applause: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoes $15 minimum wage

The state of New Jersey will not have a $15 minimum wage. Well, at least for now. New Jersey Republican Governor and former presidential candidate Chris Christie stated that he vetoed a piece of legislation that would raise the state's minimum … [Read more...]

Finland set to launch basic income experiment in a bid to end welfare state

Basic income pilots have arrived. Finland is one of many jurisdictions set to launch an experimental basic income program that is being referred to as the "greatest societal transformation of our time." The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, … [Read more...]

Tim Cook and Apple’s Gross Hypocrisy on Taxes

By: Jeff Deist Apple Inc., the US corporate parent of dozens of foreign legal entities, has been hit with a $14.6 billion tax bill by a commission of the European Union. At the heart of the commission’s complaint is an alleged antitrust … [Read more...]

Why in the World Are Taxes Levied on Money Itself?

By Jp Cortez Imagine if you asked a grocery clerk to break a $5 bill, and he charged you a 35 cent tax. Silly, right? After all, you were only exchanging one form of money for another. But try walking to a local precious metals dealer in more … [Read more...]

Fail: SJW Annaliese Nielsen berates Lyft driver over dashboard doll (video)

One video is starting to go viral. It is of a woman named Annaliese Nielsen, a real smart peachy kind of gal who you would want to introduce to your parents and friends (if they were deaf and blind). The video showcases this social justice warrior … [Read more...]

Fed’s Stanley Fischer says negative interest rates ‘seem to work’

All over the world, there are central banks that are embracing negative interest rates. In an effort to spur economic growth, encourage spending and stimulate lending, jurisdictions have implemented subzero rates to accomplish that goal. So far … [Read more...]

Morgan Stanley thinks Federal Reserve will delay rate hike in September

Will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates or will the United States central bank delay a rate hike once again? Fed officials seem pretty optimistic that a rate hike will happen next month, while the market is open to the idea, too. The CME Group … [Read more...]

Venezuela banning long lines at bakeries to fight ‘anxiety’

If you want a sign that central planning, despite its numerous failures, in Venezuela is alive and well then you have to take a look at the latest mandate: prohibit lines outside of bakeries. According to a new report from PanAmPost, the National … [Read more...]

How Legal, Branded Heroin Would Make Drugs Safer

By: Chris Calton In a free market, consumer goods are remarkably heterogeneous. We don’t just buy ketchup, we have to choose between regular, organic, reduced sugar, low sodium, and umpteen other variations. Just as importantly, we have to … [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton says it’s not OK for Clinton Foundation to receive foreign donations when she’s president

According to the logic being paraded by Hillary Clinton, it was perfectly OK for the Clinton Foundation to receive foreign donations when she was Secretary of State, but it wouldn't be OK for the Clinton Foundation to receive foreign donations when … [Read more...]