Venezuela banning long lines at bakeries to fight ‘anxiety’

If you want a sign that central planning, despite its numerous failures, in Venezuela is alive and well then you have to take a look at the latest mandate: prohibit lines outside of bakeries.

According to a new report from PanAmPost, the National Superintendency of Fair Prices has implemented a policy of fining bakeries if they permit long lines to form outside of their doors. William Contreras, the head of this federal agency, argues that this move doesn’t necessarily indicate that there is a massive shortage of bread, but rather it’s a matter of quashing “anxiety.”

That’s right! Venezuela isn’t suffering because of socialism, central planning, inept leadership and other government initiatives. Venezuela is just suffering from anxiety. He also said that it’s a political strategy being created by the socialists’ opponents.

Contreros told the news outlet that the long lines are “fairly clear political intentions and purposes” by “destabilizing the economy and break[ing] the morale of the people.”

Venezuela is facing an enormous collapse right now. People are looting zoos, children are going through malnutrition, Nicolas Maduro wants women to stop blow drying their hair and hotels are urging visitors to bring their own toilet paper.

This is what you get when you embrace socialism. Inevitably, as previous reports suggest, socialism morphs into dictatorships and forced labor (SEE: Socialist Venezuela imposes ‘forced labor’ to fight food shortage).

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