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Why everyone should be afraid of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Conservatives, libertarians and liberals should be worried about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP has been one of the key issues of the 2016 presidential election. Republican nominee Donald Trump has lambasted the international trade … [Read more...]

Ron Paul: Wells Fargo or the Federal Reserve – Who’s the Bigger Fraud?

By: Ron Paul The Wells Fargo bank account scandal took center stage in the news last week and in all likelihood will continue to make headlines for many weeks to come. What Wells Fargo employees did in opening bank accounts without customers' … [Read more...]

5 random things for Friday (state government taxes up 4.8%, males better than females at math, Gary Johnson gets mad)

News Story of the Day: do you think that you're paying more taxes at the state level? Well, you are right. According to new data from the United States Census Bureau, state government taxes totaled $916.5 billion last year. This is up 4.8 percent … [Read more...]

French, South Korean central banks pushing negative interest rates

The international push to a world of negative interest rates persists. The latest culprits, or at least eventual culprits, are South Korea and France. Francois Villeroy de Galhau, the head of the Bank of France and member of the European Central … [Read more...]

38% of Canadians fear an interest rate hike would ‘move them towards bankruptcy’

A considerable number of Canadians fear an increase to interest rates would "move them towards bankruptcy," a new survey says. Thanks to historically low interest rates, government taking nearly half of their income and a rising cost of living, a … [Read more...]

Gary Johnson has another ‘Aleppo moment’ as he can’t name favorite foreign leader

MSNBC held a Libertarian Party town hall meeting on Wednesday. During the event, former New Mexico Republican Governor Gary Johnson was asked who his favorite foreign leader is right now. He couldn't answer the question. Johnson was trying real … [Read more...]

CNN ridiculously claims Federal Reserve is NOT political

The Federal Reserve decided to publish a propaganda piece that attempts to dispel the idea that the United States central bank is really a political institution. Much like what many of the primary media outlets are doing as of late, this is … [Read more...]

LOL: Hillary Clinton press secretary denies she flip flopped on TPP deal

The BS meter is running high on this one! Speaking in an interview with CNN, Hillary Clinton Press Secretary Brian Fallon was asked if the former Secretary of State flip flopped on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. Despite … [Read more...]

How much longer will investors trust central banks?

By: Tim Price There is now almost $16 trillion worth of sovereign debt trading with a negative yield. Last week the credit bubble entered new territory with two euro zone issuers of corporate debt, Germany’s Henkel and France’s Sanofi, becoming … [Read more...]

Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods talk Donald Trump’s missed opportunities in first U.S. debate

The very first United States presidential debate took place Monday night, and the general consensus is that Hillary Clinton was victorious, despite being an evil robot. Donald Trump had several opportunities to go after Clinton, but he missed out on … [Read more...]