Watch paranoid, pitiful MSNBC anchors defend Hillary Clinton’s 9/11 fainting spell

This election cycle, the media have been incredibly defensive of any criticism pertaining to Hillary Clinton. Whether it’s the email scandal, tales of corruption or her health, the likes of MSNBC and the Washington Post are quickly to condemn the stories and provide a defense for the former Secretary of State.

Well, you may likely be aware of what happened to Clinton during the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks this weekend. She had to be held up by her aides, her knees buckled and she fainted. This was because the heat was supposedly oppressive, though the temperature at the time of her incident was around 75 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius).

As soon as the news broke, MSNBC became paranoid that viewers would actually begin to question her health. The anchors were immensely defensive of the media’s coverage regarding her fainting incident. It was rather pitiful to see the anchors react this way.

In the years to come, students will look back at this time to see just how awful the media reported on the 2016 election (SEE: Can the media be consistent in 2016 election?).

Here is the video embedded below:

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  1. SInce when are temperatures in the 70’s with low humidity considered “hot and brutal”?

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