Must Watch: The truth about popular culture – why is it so vulgar?

You are more likely to bear witness to a trash can at an art museum than the works of Caravaggio, Edvard Munch or Vincent van Gogh. You are more likely to hear the vacuous sounds of Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Beyonce than the heavenly music of J.S. Bach, George Gershwin and Benny Goodman. You are more likely to find films and television shows consumed by vulgarity, depravity and idiocy than incredible works of the past like “Citizen Kane,” “The Seventh Seal” or “Sweet Smell of Success.”

Simply put: popular culture today often leads to the reduction of brain cells.

Paul Joseph Watson is out with a brand new video that takes a look at the truth of popular culture and asks the pertinent question: why is it so vulgar? If you watch one video today, this week, this month or this year then this must be it.

Here is the video embedded below:

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