Jim Rogers: Governments ‘love’ war on cash, ‘they can control you’

The war on cash is only accelerating. In every corner of the world, there is a state or a central bank that is looking to abolish cash in the name of protecting you against criminals. Despite governments’ lies, deceit and scandal, the average person believes the reasons and the politicians get away with these policies without any consequences.

But, in the event that cash is abolished, what happens to your money when a financial crisis unfolds?

Speaking in an interview with MacroVoices, Jim Rogers, the legendary billionaire investor, warned that people have to “get prepared.” Prepared for what exactly? Well, according to Rogers, the world is going to have “the worst economic problems in your lifetime and a lot of people are going to disappear.”

On the topic on the war on cash, Rogers explained that “governments are always looking out for themselves first,” adding that this has been occurring for a long time. He alluded to the recent development in India, where the government took out a majority of the currency in circulation, and in France, where you can’t use more than a certain amount of euros.

Rogers noted that governments enjoy this because “they can control you.”

“If you want to go and buy a cup of coffee they know how many you drink, where you buy them etc. if they can all put it into electronic formats and they will the world is all going electronic,” Rogers stated. “My children will probably never go to a bank when they’re adults, maybe never go to a post office maybe even never to a doctor or rarely to a doctor when they’re adults.”

With technological advancements changing everything that we know and have become accustomed to, says Rogers, it is only a matter of time before money is converted to computers. It won’t happen today, he notes, because not everyone has a computer, but some day it will happen. But when it does take place the governments “are going to be very, very happy” and they’re going to tell everyone that “they’re doing it for our own good.”

“Probably we are not going to have as many freedoms as we have now even though we are already losing our freedoms at a significant pace,” Rogers said.

The war on cash is amplifying and soon we will have a cashless society. More government control, less freedom, greater surveillance and forced participation into the banking system.

You can watch the entire wide-ranging interview in the video embedded below:

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  1. Rabelrouser says:

    Control is all they want

  2. We need some trained commandos in a coordinated effort to take out the bankers. The Rockefilchers, the Rothschilds, the Lazards, et al. Too many people are not aware of the long-term goals of the bankers. I’m a pessimist but miracles do happen.

  3. Jim Rogers gets it wrong again. It is not governments who want a cashless society, it is the bankers. The bankers do not make anything on cash sales. They want the fee per transaction to go into their accounts. I think the government should get smart and charge a 1% transaction fee on every sale, they could use the money to pay down government debt.

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