Will J.K. Rowling house 100 refugees in her mansion?

If you watch any award show, read any tweet from a celebrity or listen to the news about some actor, you will learn that Donald Trump is literally Hitler because he suspended immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries, nations that were identified as places of risk by the previous administration.

Ultimately, many celebrities referred to it as a Muslim ban, despite 90 percent of Muslims in the world unaffected by the temporary restriction. Since then, Hollywood has urged the United States government to accept as many refugees as possible. Well, as long as they don’t actually seek refuge in Hollywood, or on the premises of the Hollywood elite.

One of these celebrities is J.K. Rowling, author of “Harry Potter.”

Entering into a Twitter war with Piers Morgan – it is amazing how the obnoxious Piers Morgan can be the voice of reason in today’s political climate – Rowling defended impoverished refugees. Essentially, she, and others like her, are generally accusing anyone who doesn’t support the acceptance of as many refugees as possible as racist, Islamophobic and bigoted.

That prompted many conservatives on Twitter to launch a campaign in order to get Rowling to take in at least 100 refugees into her mansion. Since she flattened a house next door to build a bigger garden, many feel that perhaps she should welcome unvetted refugees with open arms. She has the space to house dozens of people from Syria, Somalia, Morocco and elsewhere.

Here is one tweet from filmmaker and author Mike Cernovich:

“Hi @jk_rowling, I will personally buy plane tickets for up to 100 refugees to live in your mansions for a year. How do we make this happen?”

The tweets started to roll in, echoing the sentiments from Cernovich and many others.

Has Rowling responded to these pleas? Nope.

But perhaps it is time that the likes of Rowling, George Clooney, Ashley Judd and Ashton Kutcher to start leading by example and house the foreign destitute. Why not? They have the money, resources, connections and land to accomplish this impressive feat. But if they don’t then are they racists? If you follow their logic then the answer would be a resounding yes.

In fact, perhaps it is time to name Hollywood as a refugee zone.

Photo by Daniel Ogren

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  1. Rabelrouser says:

    Such an excellent idea, let them put their money, and their property where their mouth is and lead by example.
    Yeah, I know it will never happen they are the Elitist who tell the little People who pay their salaries what to think and do, but wont follow their own advice.
    Ancient Greek for the word “Actor” = Hypocrite

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