Scary: Thomas Piketty joins socialist campaign in French election

If you thought the socialists in France wouldn’t get any worse then you would be mistaken.

If the socialists somehow hold onto power in the next presidential election, you will see Thomas Piketty playing a vital role in government policy.

Former Education Minister and Socialist presidential candidate Benoit Hamon announced that the economist has been named to his team. Of course, as you guessed it, income inequality is the dominant theme in the campaign.

It remains unclear as to what role the bestselling author will have in the campaign.

As we previously reported, their solutions, which are rather confounding, consist of establishing a universal basic income, taxing businesses that swap employees for robots, imposing a 32-hour work week, placing higher taxes on the wealthy, reconsidering the white vote and making career burn-out as an occupational disease.

The latest polls suggest that National Front presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is the frontrunner with at least a quarter of the vote. Meanwhile, centrist Emmanuel Macron and conservative Francois Fillon are a close second with about 20 percent. Hamon has 15 percent support.

The election will be held on April 23. (SEE: Is populist Marine Le Pen a good pick to lead France?).

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