5 random things for Friday (how much does U.S. pay for NATO?, trust in media, Ron Paul on abortion)

News Story of the Day: Keynesian economist Paul Krugman doesn’t think the Federal Reserve should raise interest rates, adding that the United States central bank should increase its inflation target rate above two percent, he said in an interview with Bloomberg.

What is interesting about the interview with the news outlet is that the interviewer started out by confirming that Krugman disagrees with what Trump is doing. She neglected the fact that Trump is doing exactly what Krugman has advocated for for so long.

With that being said, the Fed will have no other choice but to raise rates drastically because of surging inflation.

Chart of the Day: not only is NATO an antiquated and obsolete organization, it is also a treaty that is costing the United States plenty of money. Despite NATO members claiming how valuable the institution is, they don’t seem to be forking over a lot of dough. Here is a chart that shows how much the U.S. spent in 2016, according to The Economist:

Illustration of the Day: today, the mainstream media is an unpopular group. Considering the amount of fake news that CNN, the Washington Post and other outlets report on a daily basis, people are starting to doubt their authenticity. And the poll numbers show, such as this one from Gallup:

Americans' Trust in the Mass Media

Quote of the Day: it is safe to say that a majority of libertarians support legalized abortion. Former Texas Republican Congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul opposes abortion but he doesn’t support federal law legalizing or banning the service, and instead prefers the states to handle the matter. Dr. Paul recently published an op-ed on the matter and here is a great excerpt from the piece:

Using taxpayer money to perform and promote abortions overseas is not only unconstitutional and immoral, it also increases resentment of the U.S. government. Unfortunately, as shown by the recent Yemen drone strikes, Trump is unlikely to substantially change our militaristic foreign policy, which is responsible for the deaths of many innocent men, women and children.

Ending taxpayer support for abortion is an important step toward restoring limited, constitutional government that respects the rights of all. However, those who oppose abortion must recognize that the pro-life cause’s path to victory will not come through politics.

Instead, pro-lifers must focus on building a culture of life through continued education and, among other things, support for crisis pregnancy centers. These centers, along with scientific advances like ultrasound, are doing more to end abortion than any politician.

Anti-abortion activists must also embrace a consistent ethic of life by opposing foreign policy militarism and the death penalty.

Video of the Day: former Ohio Democratic Congressman and one-time presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich hasn’t fallen for the fake news coming out of the intelligence community, a group that has thrived on lies and deceit, and he is warning the American people to be concerned about the battle between the White House and the Deep State. Here is some great insight from Kucinich, who was one of the few Democrats to have a non-interventionist foreign policy:

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