Study: 75% of Venezuelans lost 19 pounds in 2016, 82% live in poverty

If you want to shed some weight then perhaps it is time to relocate to the socialist paradise known as Venezuela.

A new report suggests that a majority of Venezuelans have lost a of weight over the past year due to the paucity of food thanks to the socialist policies implemented by the Hugo Chavez/Nicolas Maduro regime.

According to the 2016 Living Conditions Survey, close to three-quarters of Venezuelans have lost an average of 19 pounds. For the most extreme poor in Venezuela, the weight loss is even greater than that.

The researchers found that 32.5 percent of families eat just one or twice a day, up from 11.3 percent in 2015. This is because 93 percent of households do not have sufficient income to meet their grocery needs.

“There is a change in eating habits patterns from 2014 [when Encovi surveys began]. Previously Venezuelans consumed primarily rice, breads and pastas; now it’s tubers,” said Maritza Landaeta, a researcher with the Venezuelan Health Observatory, in a statement. “In our qualitative studies we observed mothers who say that they fed their children only with bananas or auyamas [a kind of pumpkin] to satisfy their feeding needs.”

Because of price controls, production quotas, hyperinflation and other miracles of socialism, the country lacks the most basic food ingredients. These circumstances have led numerous Venezuelans to turn to pigeons, cats, anteaters, donkeys and even dogs.

In total, 82 percent of Venezuelan households live in poverty.

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