16 Nazi Germany policies the ‘literally Hitler’ crowd need to learn

Today’s political discourse is a great example of how bad the government education system really is.

It seems like the average journalist, millennial and political pundit believes that Donald Trump is “literally Adolf Hitler.” In just a few short months, anyone espousing conservative or libertarian believes, supports free speech or even drinks milk (yes, milk!) is the next incarnation of Hitler or Nazis.

Sad! But that’s just what you get from watching too much television, believing everything your teachers tell you and thinking that everyone who opposes your opinion is a fascist. Indeed, Trump can be vehemently criticized for his inept economic policies, and his foreign policy seems to be more of the same. But he is not advocating gas chambers or the invasion of Poland.

Under the Nazi regime, millions of people all over the world suffered. So referring to Kellyanne Conway as Joseph Goebbels or Steve Mnuchin as Adolf Eichmann trivializes the horrors and atrocities that were committed by these kinds of men in the 1930s and 1940s.

Just in case you do come across someone who compares Trump to Hitler, you should refer them to this list, which was compiled by Historian Thaddeus Russell (courtesy of Tom Woods):

1) Opposition political parties banned.
2) Government control over major industries.
3) Conversion of manufacturing industries to military production.
4) Universal military conscription.
5) Labor conscription.
6) Ban on independent labor unions; mandatory membership of all workers in state-controlled national labor union.
7) State propaganda promoting worship of Hitler and demanding the complete merger of individual identity with the nation-state.
8) Mass arrests of communists, socialists, social democrats, homosexuals, prostitutes, alcoholics, juvenile delinquents, and the chronically unemployed.
9) Concentration camps for the above groups.
10) Nationalization of media and the arts.
11) Criminalization of foreign cultures (e.g., the banning of jazz and listening to foreign radio stations).
12) Mandatory public schooling, with curriculum teaching love for Hitler, obedience to Nazi authority, military discipline, racism, eugenics, and antisemitism.
13) Mandatory membership in Hitler Youth for all Germans 18 and under; conscription of youth for agricultural work.
14) Forced sterilization and euthanasia of the genetically and mentally “unfit,” including prostitutes and promiscuous women.
15) Revocation of all civil rights, expulsion, incarceration, and ultimately genocide of “racially inferior” citizens: Gypsies, Slavs, and Jews.
16) Conquest and colonization of territory “belonging” to “Aryan” race.

As far as we know, Trump, or anyone in Washington for that matter, has yet to promote or impose any of these policies or ventures.

And, no, just because Trump drinks water like Hitler it doesn’t mean he is the next Fuhrer.

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