6 random things for Friday (Marine Le Pen surges in polls, $71 trillion economy, the media and Russia)

News Story of the Day: French National Front leader Marine Le Pen has surged in the latest polls. After refusing to wear a headscarf earlier this week, Le Pen was able to turn that event into more support for her presidential bid.

According to the latest polls, Le Pen in first place with 26 percent support. Emmanuel Macron, a centrist, has seen his support falling to 23 percent. Francois Fillon, who has been hit with a new scandal, has 21 percent support.

The populist uprising persists in France. The same can’t be said in Germany, however, as Frauke Petry’s AfD has seen its support plummeting this year. Geert Wilders in The Netherlands, meanwhile, is tied for first place.

Chart of the Day: what does a $74 trillion global economy really look like? Well, this chart from the Visual Capitalist can provide you with some insight:

The $74 Trillion Global Economy in One Chart

Illustration of the Day: United States Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin recently said that a plan to reform the tax code will be released in the next few months. Ditto for a plan to cut taxes. It is the same old song and dance that politicians of all stripes have been saying for years. The realization that many libertarians have made is this:

Image result for meme ron paul

Quote of the Day: conservative commentator Ben Shapiro wrote a column this week about the right sacrificing its principles, something that is noticeable, he notes, by Tucker Carlson and Kellyanne Conway. Whether you agree with him or not is a moot point because he concludes with a sublime point in his recent column:

“The Trump cult of personality is well underway. It was ugly on the left with Barack Obama, and it’s uglier on a right supposedly built on ideas rather than idolatry.”

Tweet of the Day: thanks to the Internet, the hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle has never been more ubiquitous. For libertarians, it makes for some entertaining television, but it can also be rather frustrating because people still fall for the left-right paradigm. Here is a great tweet regarding Lew Rockwell and NAP:

Video of the Day: the Trump administration has a lot to be criticized for even after only being in office for a month, particularly when it comes to economics. But why do the media constantly harp on Russia? It makes you wonder who exactly wants to start a war with Russia. The U.S. president has repeatedly said he wants to have peaceful relations with Russia, and this is being condemned. If it was anyone else – well, anyone else on the left that is – they would be championed as a peacemaker. The YouTube channel 1791L takes a closer look into the media’s obsession with Russia:

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