Does the war on women really exist? Women now earn more college degrees than men

Today, a majority of college degrees – associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and so on – are awarded to women.

In 1968, 60 percent of college degrees went to men compared to 40 percent that went to women. In 2016, nearly 60 percent of college degrees went to women compared to nearly 40 percent that went to men.

Here is the chart courtesy of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI):

With this data on hand, does the war on women really exist? Or is this just a fabrication of certain members of society who shout that they want the same rights as guns?

Mark Perry of the AEI also asks a pertinent question:

“Just wondering though, with all of that admirable and demonstrated success at dominating academically in higher education, do we really still need thousands of women’s centers and commissions across the country at almost every college and university? Perhaps they were necessary before 1980 to help women succeed in college, but their superiority over men in earning college degrees for more than three decades might suggest they don’t need any special or extra help today that isn’t also available and offered to men?”

Let’s just hope women stop taking gender studies and social work degrees.

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