Is the solution to Obamacare & Trumpcare actually Schiffcare?

The Affordable Care Act, otherwise colloquially referred to as Obamacare, has been a disaster. As of right now, the Republican Party’s proposed replacement, otherwise colloquially referred to as Trumpcare, is a disaster in the making.

Both healthcare policies lack free market components and simply resort to the status quo: government intervention through taxes, subsidies and credits. The GOP should just repeal Obamacare and avoid replacing it.

As politicians on Capitol Hill battle healthcare, one libertarian has put forward his own concept: Schiffcare.

Peter Schiff, president and CEO of Euro Pacitic Capital, revealed his healthcare initiative in a recent podcast this month entitled “Why TrumpCare Won’t Work Either,” and it’s better than what Republicans and Democrats are advocating for.

Here is what Schiffcare would look like in the United States:

– Eliminating Medicare and Medicaid.
– Separating healthcare and employment.
– Using insurance for only life-threatening conditions.

“Here’s my idea, if you decide that you aren’t going to buy insurance, instead of putting all of the money aside for the future, how about you buy a policy that basically says, ‘If you ever need health insurance, if something ever goes wrong, this policy will pay you enough money to pay your premiums,'” Schiff explained.

“You just need insurance to buy health insurance in case you get sick.”

There you go. It’s that simple. No taxes, no mandates, no subsidies, no scandals and no corruption. Unfortunately, common sense isn’t so common in Washington.

One can only hope that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul will read this as he fights Obamacare and Trumpcare.

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