#Vault7: 5 underreported facts from WikiLeaks dump

If you skim through all of the headlines and news stories pertaining to the Vault7 data dump from WikiLeaks, the primary story seems to be that the CIA can infiltrate your smart televisions. Is that the only thing the government transparency organization reported on? Nope.

Since this is something that has been suspected for a long time, many news outlets and critics are dismissing the release. However, there is a lot more to what has been published from the organization that has largely been ignored by the media, predominantly that the CIA is bigger than the President of the United States. Remember, this is just one percent of what WikiLeaks has so it should be interesting to peruse the other 99 percent.

Here is a superb video from Luke Rudowski disseminating the report and outlining the five underreported facts from the WikiLeaks dump:

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