Scary: CNN defends CIA in question to Julian Assange

Last week, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange helped publish an immense amount of documents pertaining to the CIA and their surveillance and spying techniques as part of a project known as #Vault7. This is just one percent of what WikiLeaks reportedly has so it will be amazing what else is released in 2017.

Although the media coverage of the release should have been extensive and damning of the intelligence community, the CNNs and the Washington Posts and the Bloombergs of the world were defensive, and even provided cover for the CIA. Essentially, the conclusion was that there was nothing to see here because we all know, and should accept, that the CIA uses a wide variety of devices to spy at home and abroad.

CNN sent Assange a question that pretty much defended the CIA, and Assange, as always, articulately responded. Here is the video embedded below:

The mainstream media’s attacks on Assange and WikiLeaks have gone into overdrive in the last year, accusing the group of being funded by Russia. Is it because WikiLeaks released damaging documents pertaining to the DNC and Hillary Clinton? Perhaps.

Once again, CNN is the network of choice for the statists, elite and establishment.

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