California teachers may be exempt from paying a state income tax

If you have yet to read George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” then now would be an opportune time…

California lawmakers are considering a new bill that would exempt government school teachers from paying any state income tax. Remember, some people are more equal than others…

According to the Sacramento Bee, Democratic Senator Cathleen Galgiani of Stockton and Senator Henry Stern of Los Angeles introduced Senate Bill 807 that would allow new teachers who have taught for a minimum of five years to opt out of paying income taxes.

The measure would also provide new state teachers to apply for tax credits that are equal to the amount they have spent on college tuition, certification and other costs related to getting their teaching credentials.

The average annual salary for a government school teacher in California is just under $70,000. The average starting salary for California teachers is around $41,000. You also can’t forget all of the time off, perks and benefits.

Ostensibly, the idea behind this is that it addresses the shortage of teachers in California.

“The teaching profession is critical to California’s economic success and impacts every vocation and profession in the state,” Stern said in a statement. “SB 807 addresses the immediate teacher shortage and sends a loud and clear message across the state and nation: California values teachers.”

He also had the audacity of saying government teachers “are the original job creators.”

Reportedly, the bill has some support, including from an educational non-profit group that wants to improve California public schools. Bill Lucia, president of the organization, believes this legislation tells teachers that they are important and that the government wants them to stay in The Golden State.

Government teachers…always wanting more special privileges from the taxpayer. Aren’t today’s crop of teachers are constantly saying how important it is to pay taxes? That is only if you’re not a teacher.

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  1. JRATT1956 says:

    I grew up in the CA school system and I am sure it is far worse today than it was when I graduated high school in 1974. The real fix to the CA teacher shortage is less pay for the admin folks in the office and more pay for teachers who stay in the classroom and do the real work of educating the students.

  2. sal-junior says:

    Teachers are governmental employee. They should be paying taxes. The rest of the People do not owe any tax as it is voluntary!!!

    • JRATT1956 says:

      I keep hearing that federal taxes do not need to be paid. But I think you have rocks in your head if you do not pay income tax. They will come after you. They came after me for just $3,600 from the sale of a house. I will continue to file and pay, I will be getting SS benefits next year and will not do anything to jeopardize those payments to me.

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