Literally Hitler! Brexit is ‘Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin’ says Lord Dick Taverne

Did you know that Great Britain’s exit from the crumbling ship known as the European Union (EU) is really Hitler?

Yep, that is according to Liberal Democrat Lord Dick Taverne.

The House of Lords voted to accept the EU bill, otherwise known as the Notification of Withdrawal legislation. This means that British Prime Minister Theresa May can now trigger Article 50 by the end of March.

Prior to the passage of the vote, the British Lord compared Brexit supporters to Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Benit Mussolini.

Here are his comments:

“…It is a very dangerous step towards the doctrine that the people’s will must always prevail. This is the doctrine always favored by Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin — and by Erdogan at present. It is a denial of the essence of democracy which we have supported with great effect in this country and now we are abandoning it. My Lords, we are the guardians of parliamentary democracy, and we are right in this. We are the democrats. We are right to support the democratic cause.” had the best headline for his comments: “Lib Dems: One referendum is Hitler. A second referendum wouldn’t be Hitler. Unless we lose, in which case: Hitler.”

At the very least he should be applauded for quoting a Groucho Marx joke.

The left is absolutely obsessed with Hitler. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, considering that he was a socialist. Moreover, the concept of the EU is more of a Hitler idea because he championed the nation states. By having nation states, Hitler and the Nazis would have had greater centralized power in Berlin; he detested states’ rights and national sovereignty.

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  1. JRATT1956 says:

    This guy surely is a Dick! To say that the people’s will should not always prevail is stupid. Who does he think he is to push his agenda on the people, for their own good. He is old as dirt, he should just retire, already.

    • Rabelrouser says:

      This is playing out right here in the United States as we see those who equally reject the Peoples Voice and desires.
      They show up on the “news” to proclaim how much better their ideals are that those of The People (The Stupid American Voter).
      The Globalist Elite will never stop trying to impose their will over the People.
      They say so daily, it is just up to the People to continue to battle back.

  2. Rabelrouser says:

    When the People have had enough of the “Government” being the self stated “End All Be All” for the populations “own good”, the People make their voice heard through the only means they have that can actually be heard, Their Vote.
    After which, is the time inwhich the “Government Powers” that refuse to listen or understand the Peoples desires push even harder to force the Governments Will on the People.
    They will use whatever means of convincing to make their point that “They Know Better” than the People do.
    They will re-enforce their Idealism of Government Power by refering to the Peoples choice as an Evil entity by example of the past Evils that have promoted the very Ideals that they now promote.
    This is being played out in every nation that the People have, and are, rejecting the the Globalist Idealism of Government over the People.
    In doing so, the People see the real desires of those Globalist Elite, and their never ending fight against the People, and the natural concept of Natural Rights and Liberties.
    The People need to stay unified, because Unity is the biggest enemy of the Globalist. They need to continue to voice their desires of Freedom from Government Power.
    Because, at this point, they have little else, but themselves, to remain, or become, Freemen with Natural Rights and Liberties.
    The Battle Continues!

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