Study: 94% of UK universities restrict free speech

Universities and college campuses used to be the champions of free speech, homes to regular debates and discussions of ideas that are both good and bad. For years, post-secondary institutions used to protest in favor of free speech, but now they riot to quash it.

This isn’t a trend occurring in just the United States but also in the United Kingdom.

Spiked-Online recently published the 2017 Free Speech University Rankings, a report that takes a look at what universities are promoting free speech and what universities are prohibiting it.

According to the study, 94 percent of universities in the UK have restricted free speech in some form or another, and about two-thirds are hostile towards free speech.

The ranking system developed by the organization maintains three colors:

– Red: banning and actively censoring ideas on campus
– Amber: chilled free speech through intervention
– Green: a hands-off approach to free speech.

Researchers found that just seven universities have taken a hands-off approach to free speech.

Here is a video from the group that discusses the results:

Schools and students are the real fascists.

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