How the media use Trump’s Twitter to dismiss real problems (video)

Every time United States President Donald Trump says or tweets something, you can be rest assured that a great chunk of what he has uttered is right and the rest of his comments are wrong.

For instance, when he commented on Sweden, he ignited a barrage of media coverage because of some “incident last night.” Indeed, there wasn’t an incident the night before, but there are incidents every single night in Sweden because of its migrant problem, which doesn’t garner any coverage. Another example is Barack Obama and the wiretapping. Sure, perhaps the former president didn’t wiretap Trump Tower (who knows?), but he was spying on millions of Americans everyday as well as foreign leaders.

The media use the incorrect assertions as fodder to dismiss the correct ones. This is what they do because they hate him so much. YouTube channel 1791L, one of the best outlets on the video-sharing website right now, takes a look at how the media use Trump’s Twitter to reject real problems. Here is the video embedded below:

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