John McCain accuses Rand Paul of ‘now working for Vladimir Putin’

Why are the Democrats and neoconservatives absolutely obsessed with Russia? Why do they want to go to war so badly? Who is funding this crusade against Moscow? The neo-McCarthyism era has become downright laughable, especially after the latest incident involving Republican Senators John McCain and Rand Paul.

The United States political landscape has morphed into a tragic comedy.

Here is what happened: the Senate was discussing legislation that would support Montenegro’s bid to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), an organization from a bygone era. John “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran” McCain expressed his support for the bill and requested unanimous consent to help the legislation move along.

Rand Paul took a brief moment to object to the bill and then reportedly left the room.

This did not make the Arizona Senator too happy. McCain would make the suggestion that you are an agent for the Kremlin if you disapprove of the bill.

“If there is objection, you are achieving the objectives of Vladimir Putin. You are achieving the objectives of trying to dismember this small country that has already been the subject of an attempted coup,” McCain said.

“That is really remarkable, that a senator blocking a treaty that is supported by the overwhelming number – perhaps 98, at least, of his colleagues – would come to the floor, and object, and walk away.

“He has no justification for his objection to having a small nation be part of NATO that is under assault from the Russians. So I repeat again, the senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.”

All what is missing from McCain is some tin foil.

Paul justified his decision to the Daily Beast by noting that the U.S. has troops in dozens of countries and faces a $20 trillion national debt.

“Currently, the United States has troops in dozens of countries and is actively fighting in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen (with the occasional drone strike in Pakistan),” he explained.

“In addition, the United States is pledged to defend 28 countries in NATO. It is unwise to expand the monetary and military obligations of the United States given the burden of our $20 trillion debt.”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald had the best piece of commentary on the incident:

“When 1 Senator accuses another of being a Kremlin agent due to policy disagreement over NATO expansion, can we call that McCarthyism?”

The solution to NATO is to simply leave the antiquated group; let Europe defend itself. It’s too bad that U.S. President Donald Trump has renewed his support for NATO rather than vowing to exit it.

Here is what former Texas Republican Congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul wrote last year pertaining to NATO:

“Getting out of NATO would be a good first move. This Cold War relic survives only by stirring up conflict and then selling itself as the only option to confront the conflict it churned up. Wouldn’t it be better to not go looking for a fight in the first place? Do we really need still another NATO military exercise on the Russian border? It should be no surprise that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was fear-mongering on the eve of the Brexit vote, warning UK citizens that if they vote to leave they could face increased terrorism.

By the way, if you think Russia is the foreign aggressor then take a look at this map since the creation of NATO:

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  1. Rabelrouser says:

    The Global Elitest will always attack those who stand up for Nationalsm and the People.
    That attack usually comes by the suggesting, or in this case, the outright declaring, that those who oppose the Globalist are working for “the enemy”.
    The Globalist know that this is the best way to make themselves “look” patriotic, but, they always fail to reailze that, after the uncountless years of this type of propaganda, the People are not buying the lie anymore.
    NeoConservative = Globalist Elite.

  2. Kevin Beck says:

    Hey, McLame: International relations policy is supposed to be set by the White House, not some over-the-hill Senator that embeds himself with the destructive wings of the Deep State at every opportunity.

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