Can single-payer healthcare work in the U.S.? Just ask Veterans Affairs

President Donald Trump praised single-payer healthcare before becoming Commander-in-Chief. Independent socialist Senator Bernie Sanders wants to adopt a single-payer healthcare system. A new poll even found that Trump supporters want a single-payer system.

Can such a system work in the United States today? Well, you just have to take a look at Veterans Affairs, which has been an abysmal failure. The VA has thousands of government employees, government-run clinics across the country and serves seven million Americans a year. It also has a bloated budget. The results have been a trainwreck. Or, as the video describes it: inefficient, bureaucratic and deadly.

Here is PragerU taking a look at the idea of single-payer healthcare in America, a nation of 320 million people:

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  1. In order for ANY SOCIAL PROGRAM to work you have to have a majority support it. Homogeneous societies have no problems with socialised costs because they see they have an INHERENT BUILT IN INTEREST. Multiculturalism, diversity and “protected classes” have made America highly resistant to any Government Social Policy. Why? Transfers are going from Whites to Other Races and People. This is simply legalized theft really. Whites have virtually NO CHANCE of receiving benefits from “social programs” to help the disadvantaged unless they have serious health issues. Meanwhile Other Races get those, and special “set-asides” just for them. This is ludicrous and violates the ONLY EQUALITY THAT REALLY MATTERS. Equality under the law. Whites pay more and get less ON PURPOSE. Even if non-Whites outnumber Whites, that will merely reduce the tax base to the point these social programs become untenable and inevitably go bankrupt.

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