Is Hillary Clinton running again in 2020?

Perhaps the third time is the charm.

According to a tweet from Jack Posobiec, a Washington Bureau Chief at Rebel TV, former Secretary of State and New York Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton is running for United States president in 2020 to take on President Donald Trump.

Reportedly, she is calling her New York City donors asking for dollars.

Here are the two tweets:

“Hillary Clinton is calling her NYC donors and telling them she plans to run again in 2020 against Trump.”

“I said she’s calling donors and asking for $ saying that.”

Clinton just won’t stay in the woods. Is she that desperate for power?

If she does seek out the Democratic nomination, will the Democratic National Committee (DNC) rig it again and steal it from other Democratic candidates? It would be interesting to see if Clinton would try to steal it from the likes of Andrew Cuomo, Cory Booker and Joe Biden (all three rumored candidates for 2020). Perhaps Tulsi Gabbard would run, who would destroy Clinton on foreign policy.

Nevertheless, will someone please encourage her to stay in the woods?

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