Market Magic! University of Missouri losing students, money amid free speech restrictions

The free market is working its magic once again.

Do you remember a couple of years ago, when a University of Missouri called for some “muscle” to help suppress coverage of the college shutting down free speech? Well, that post-secondary institution is facing the consequences as it is losing money.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, officials are cutting about 400 jobs and will raise tuition because there has been a 7.4 percent drop in student enrollment – the loss of students cost the school $16.6 million in revenues. It also experienced and a near $15 million state budget cut.

Specifically, 100 people will lose their jobs and the rest will either retire or not have their contracts renewed. It is believed the the tuition hike will generate roughly $7 million.

The Daily Caller writes that it started in 2015 when a Black Lives Matter protest rocked the campus:

The protests by a group calling itself Concerned Student 1950 group centered largely on Jonathan Butler, the son of a millionaire railroad executive. Butler went on a hunger strike and convinced 32 black Mizzou football players to boycott all team activities.

There were false reports of people wearing Ku Klux Klan hoods.

There was a poop swastika.

The protests featured lots of camping out on an occupied campus quad, which served as a hub for fomenting unrest.

A now-fired professor, Melissa Click, threatened a student cameraman with mob violence when he tried to cover the ongoing protests.

This is just the free market doing what it does best. Why have your son or daughter go to a school that prohibits free speech, quashes dissenting viewpoints and breeds racism against white people?

The issue of money will ultimately force schools to open up free speech and foster a culture of accepting all political views. Otherwise, they will be forced to shut their doors instead. This is happening everywhere as has been chronicled by Liberty Nation.

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