Equal Pay Day for Men? Childless female city-dwellers with college degrees earn more than men

So, when will feminists declare Equal Pay Day for Men? Why not? New data suggests that there is a pay gap that favors women.

The New York Post had an interesting excerpt in its report entitled “Childish men are to blame for women having kids late in life.” Although the article bashes men and puts women on a higher pedestal, there was a fascinating Census tidbit.

Here is what the newspaper wrote:

Women want an equal partner, but there are increasingly fewer candidates to choose from. The census reports that “the average adult woman in the US is more likely to be a college graduate than the average adult man.” Moreover, today’s young, childless female city-dwellers with college degrees are out-earning their male counterparts by 8 cents on the dollar. Their higher incomes may be why they are less likely (29 percent) to be living with their parents than single men (35 percent).

Doesn’t this mean that men have to work an extra month to make the same amount of money as women?

What about misogyny, sexism and racism? Don’t the media, feminists and liberals say that women are paid less than men because not of the choices the make in life but because of the patriarchy?

Uh huh…

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