Fail: Congressman thinks Trump may have committed ‘the greatest political crime in history’

Did United States President Donald Trump commit “the greatest political crime in history”? That’s what Congressman Ted Lieu believes may be the case because of Russia.

Let’s say, for example, that Trump did collude with Russia or that Moscow influenced the election. Well, how is that worse than the U.S. overthrowing democratically governments and interfering in foreign elections? Moreover, how is that worse than the U.S. invading a nation on lies? Or how is that worse than Nixon’s Watergate? What about killing U.S. citizens without due process?

Of course, if he is referring to the entire world, then he just has to open up a history textbook to understand how absurd he sounds.

It’s ridiculous to think that Trump’s actions, if true, are worse than the nation’s other odious deeds.

Here is the interview embedded below:

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