Study: Up to 98% of media’s Trump coverage has been negative

How much does the media hate President Donald Trump? The answer is both simple and obvious: a lot.

Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy published a new study that highlighted the media’s immense bias in its coverage of the president. The results shouldn’t exactly be surprising, considering that other reports have suggested the same thing (and you can see it for yourself on CNN or MSNBC).

According to the study of media organizations – CNN, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, BBC and even Fox News – up to 98 percent of the Trump press coverage was reported with a negative tone. All of the topics covered, except one, had mostly negative news coverage: immigration (96 percent negative), healthcare (87 percent negative), trade (84 percent negative), personnel (82 percent).

Here are two interesting charts:

Of the last four administrations, Trump has had the most amount of negative coverage thus far. The least amount, of course, was President Barack Obama with just 41 percent negative coverage.

What is perhaps the most interesting part of the study is that the one subject that the president gained the most positive coverage on was his missile attack on Syria that left dead women and children. This is because the media love war – always have and always will. Perhaps Trump could turn the tide if he decided to bomb every nation on the planet.

The media hysteria over Trump is fun to watch. Any person with at least one gray cell, rational thought and common sense would be able to see through the propaganda, lies and bias perpetrated by the CNNs and the NBCs of the world.

If the media went after every administration and politician like this then it wouldn’t be as bad because the media’s role is to hold the government accountable. However, since the media took an eight-year vacation and has given Obama a pass on nearly everything, it is simply nauseating.

Photo by Antony Mayfield via Flickr.

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