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No, Mark Carney, Brexit Didn’t Cause Inflation — You Did

By: George Pickering For the past several weeks, a dark and uneasy atmosphere has been hanging heavily over the British political landscape. In addition to the four major terrorist attacks on British soil since March, the 2017 general election … [Read more...]

Poll: Most Canadians worried about rising interest rates

It is being reported that the Bank of Canada (BOC) is getting ready to raise interest rates. Years after artificially slashing rates to historic lows, the Canadian central bank may finally pull the trigger on a rate hike at July's policy … [Read more...]

6 random things for Friday (fake news edition)

Editor's note: since CNN has been dominating the headlines over the past week, we thought we should make this week's "6 random things for Friday" a fake news edition. News Story of the Day: over the last several months, we have been inundated with … [Read more...]

Happy 10th birthday iPhone – a remarkable product of capitalism

The iPhone turns 10 years old today. It has become one of the greatest devices that has ever been made and it has made everyone wealthier. The iPhone, and all of its successors, has changed the world for the better, and the technology is only getting … [Read more...]

LOL: CNN triggered by Trump saying a reporter has a ‘nice smile’

While anchors get upset over a compliment, the rest of CNN burns... CNN ran a segment this week that shows President Donald Trump complimenting an Irish journalist on her "nice smile." A simple compliment like that ostensibly triggered three CNN … [Read more...]

Americans spent more money on RVs, restaurants than on homes, cars in Q1

American consumers spent more money in the first quarter of 2017. Real consumer spending rose 1.1 percent, up from the forecast of 0.6 percent. Analysts say that this will help contribute to overall economic growth and January-to-March numbers by … [Read more...]

Winning? What happens when the left, right shut down free speech?

One of the reasons why Democrats and the left have lost governing power in the United States is because reasonable Americans are disturbed by the regressive trends occurring, everywhere from college campuses to riots on the streets. For the last … [Read more...]

Will the Bank of Canada raise interest rates?

By: Caleb McMillan Is the Bank of Canada going to raise its overnight benchmark rate? Since rising interest rates are decreed by the central bank, the real scarcity of capital in which major financial institutions can borrow and lend out … [Read more...]

LOL: Janet Yellen doesn’t think an economic collapse will occur in ‘our lifetimes’

Today's economic environment is an interesting one: there are several bubbles in the market, public and private debt levels are sitting at all-time highs and central banks worldwide have immense balance sheets. Suffice to say, when the next economic … [Read more...]

Poll: Hillary Clinton’s post-election unfavorability remains high

Despite failing to win an election that was destined to be hers, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has continually appeared in the public eye with a fake smile and comparing herself to Wonder Woman. In recent months, Clinton has come out … [Read more...]