Yay for Capitalism! Bernie Sanders made a million bucks in 2016

Capitalism is so great that a self-identified socialist, who wants to pretty much dismantle the free enterprise system, can make a million bucks in a single year.

That’s right. Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders made more than $1 million last year, mostly from the market economy, according to recently published Senate financial disclosures.

In addition to his $174,000 annual salary as a senator, Sanders earned $795,000 for an advance on his new book, “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In,” and just under $64,000 for another book aimed at young people called “The Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution.”

Wow! All that is brought to you by capitalism.

Sanders is living quite the life right now. He has a million bucks sitting in his bank account, his wife has mutual funds reportedly worth as much as $815,000, he owns three homes (one of which is in a family trust) and he’ll receive a nice pension once he exits Washington.

Nobody should ever begrudge Sanders for living the American Dream. But it is pretty ironic when he lambasts people who want to have the “choice of twenty-three underarm spray deodorants or eighteen different pairs of sneakers,” even though he personally owns a four-bedroom waterfront property in Vermont while children are starving and homeless.

Only in a market economy can somebody vilify the very system that makes him rich. Interesting.

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