6 random things for Friday (the rise of ethereum, media bias, capitalism)

News Story of the Day: that was surprising. Or was it?

Amazon has announced that it is acquiring Whole Foods Market for around $14 billion. This was a logical move for the ecommerce giant as it enters into the world of grocery shopping.

This sent shares of other grocery chains plummeting at the end of the trading week.

Chart of the Day: the business headline news has been all about bitcoin, but there is another cryptocurrency that is eating away at the digital currency’s market capitalization: ethereum. Here is a chart showing that ethereum already represents more than a third of the cryptocurrency market:

Illustration of the Day: the Daily Wire put together a series of screenshots that illustrate the hypocrisy and bias of the mainstream media. The rule of thumb is: if Donald Trump supports one of your positions then you must change your own stance. You can see this with CNN’s parental leave position. But here is one of the funniest examples of media bias:

Quote of the Day: among the academic community, socialism is a popular political belief system, despite its endless and repeated failures. Legendary free market economist Thomas Sowell has a great quote on this:

Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.

Tweet of the Day: could a libertarian infiltrate Washington? Congressman Justin Amash is looking for personnel:

Video of the Day: capitalism is the greatest system known to man – what other system has lifted billions of people out of poverty in a little more than a century? PragerU has published a new video that explains exactly “Why You Love Capitalism”:

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