Tom Woods nails it: ‘It should embarrass someone to act like a leftist’

Despite years of mocking and ridiculing the left for being overly sensitive, easily offended and a bunch of whiny babies, there is a dangerous trend occurring: the right is morphing into overly sensitive, easily offended, bunch of whiny babies.

Tom Woods, one of the best libertarian commentators today, echoed the sentiments of many: the right should be held to higher standards and should refrain from adopting the same tactics of the left.

Whether it is storming the stage of a Shakespeare play or getting people fired over inane acts, Woods argues that “it should embarrass someone to act like a leftist.”

The correct response to leftist thuggery is exposure and ridicule. We have unprecedented platforms and resources to accomplish this.

But disrupting a play and screaming like a leftist? What fence-sitter is going to say, “You know, I couldn’t tell which side was right, but now that those people disrupted that play, everything is clear to me now”?

And frankly, whose I-look-like-an-imbecile meter isn’t going off during that?

I’m even being told, “Woods, never criticize the right! Only criticize the left!”

Well, I criticize the left plenty — almost to a fault, according to some of my listeners. But if people on the so-called right start acting like people on the left, you’re darn right I’ll say something.

“It works for the left, so it’s our turn to try it!” they say.

But what works for the left generally works for the left only: they have a sympathetic media and academic establishment behind them, for one thing.

Should we start calling people “racists,” too? The left does that all the time. And when the right tries it — “hey, you’re an anti-Christian bigot!” — it’s laughably ineffective.

Or how about smashing windows?

Screw that.

To say we’re faced with a choice between George Will, or screaming like idiots, is a false choice.

It is absurd to behave like these insipid windbags who whine about everything: white people selling burritos, black conservatives who support Donald Trump and students using “mankind” instead of persons.

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