Laughing Your Ossoff: Democrats spend $22 million in #GA06 but still lose

It was meant to be a referendum on the early months of the Trump presidency. All over the country, from Hollywood to Martha’s Vineyard, the left spent vast sums of cash on Georgia’s 6th Congressional District election. Polls suggested a statistical tie on Election Eve. The Democrats were ready to resist.

In the end, Karen Handel, a Republican, defeated Jon Ossoff, a Democrat, on Tuesday night by nearly six percent.

What made the contest interesting was how much money the left spent on Ossoff. The Democratic candidate, who doesn’t even live in the district, raised more than $23 million and spent close to $22 million. A lot of this dough came from California – an estimated 7,000 campaign contributions. Handel, meanwhile, raised just $4.5 million and spent a little more than $3 million.

Here is a chart looking at the numbers:

Ultimately, like Hillary Clinton last year, it was his to win.

As fate would have it, Ossoff lost and now everyone right of center is laughing their Ossoff, especially when seeing the reactions over at CNN (very fake news):

The Democrats continue to lose important elections, but they don’t understand the cause of their demise. Democrats may blame everything from the patriarchy (a woman won the #GA06 election) to money in politics (Democrats keep getting massive donations), but they never look in the mirror and see that their present gameplan is not working.

Republicans will constantly win until the Democrats stop embracing the platform of the crazy kids Evergreen College.

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