Bernie Sanders & wife accused of bank fraud, hire ‘prominent defense attorneys’

Socialists hate interest, loans, banks and private property. One of the primary objectives of “The Communist Manifesto” is to abolish private property, so-called debt slavery and capitalism.

Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders is a self-identified socialist. He espouses the typical socialist rhetoric nonsense, and has done so for 30 years. He hates the 1%, though he recently became a part of that group, and he has railed against Wall Street, causing avocado toast-eating millennials to demand banks to pay for their tuition.

Essentially, Sanders and his family hate the rich…except if it suits their needs.

According to CBS News, Sanders and his wife, Jane, are under FBI investigation for allegations of bank fraud. The FBI is probing into the matter that alleges Jane sought out a loan to expand Burlington College while she was the private institution’s president – it eventually went bankrupt.

Interestingly enough, federal investigators are also trying to determine if the senator used his office to urge the financial institution to approve the loan.

The Sanders family has now hired “prominent defense attorneys” rather than local legal community activists to fight the charges.

Champagne socialists are funny.

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