#AmericanPravda: CNN producer says Trump-Russia is ‘mostly bull—-‘

Wow. It has been a terrible week for CNN.

First the news network publishes a fake news story and then deletes it and then issues a retraction. Later, a few journalists leave the organization. Now a new video comes out showing that one producer thinks the whole Trump-Russia collusion story is “bulls–it.”

Project Veritas released undercover video on Tuesday, and it is beginning to go viral.

The video shows CNN’s John Bonifield pretty much calling the Trump-Russia narrative a hoax, blaming the network’s obsession on the story on ratings. He also pointed to the obvious: the U.S. constantly interferes in elections elsewhere around the world.

Bonifield also revealed that CNN CEO Jeff Zucker encouraged staff to focus their efforts from certain news stories, like the Paris Agreement, to Trump and Russia. He also acknowledged the network’s liberal bias, and conceded that it wouldn’t have covered President Obama that way.

CNN is very fake news.

Here is the video embedded below (it should be interesting how CNN responds to the tape):

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