Poll: Hillary Clinton’s post-election unfavorability remains high

Despite failing to win an election that was destined to be hers, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has continually appeared in the public eye with a fake smile and comparing herself to Wonder Woman.

In recent months, Clinton has come out of the woods, but it seems like the public doesn’t want her to, at least that’s what a new poll suggests.

According to the latest Gallup survey, a majority (57 percent) of Americans view Clinton unfavorably, while 41 percent view the two-time presidential candidate favorably. There is zero change from when a similar poll was conducted in January 2017.

This has surprised the polling firm, which says that losing presidential candidates actually increase their favorability once the election cycle is over. For instance, Senator John McCain saw his favorability jump by 14 percent, former Governor Mitt Romney’s increased by four percent and former Vice President Al Gore’s rating spiked by 10 percent.

“Losing presidential candidates since 1992 have experienced a boost of at least four percentage points in favorability when averaging their ratings from the day after the election through the following June,” Gallup said.

“Typically, losing candidates’ favorable ratings improve because political independents and supporters of the opposing political party grow to view the candidate more positively after the election. However, this has not happened for Clinton.”

Perhaps the general public doesn’t like her because she has yet to take the blame for her loss. Clinton has blamed everything and everyone:

– Sexism
– Democratic National Committee (DNC)
– Macedonians
– Voter suppression
– Netflix
– Bernie Sanders
– Suburban women
– Racism

The list of excuses goes on and on…and on.

Now do you know why Americans dislike Clinton?

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