Americans spent more money on RVs, restaurants than on homes, cars in Q1

American consumers spent more money in the first quarter of 2017. Real consumer spending rose 1.1 percent, up from the forecast of 0.6 percent. Analysts say that this will help contribute to overall economic growth and January-to-March numbers by roughly one percent.

So, what exactly did Americans buy at the beginning of the year?

Here is a list:

– Recreational goods and vehicles: $20 billion
– Financial services insurance: $12 billion
– Healthcare: $11 billion
– Food and beverages off-premises: $7 billion
– Furniture: $2 billion

Interestingly enough, the industry that took the biggest hit in the first quarter was the automobile sector. The data show that consumers spent more than $15 billion less. Consumers also doled out less money on housing, clothing and gasoline.

Evidently, people are spending more on RVs than on homes.

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