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Why do government agencies grow year after year?

Thomas DiLorenzo wrote in "The Problem with Socialism" that government agencies have no incentive to solve problems, find savings in their departments and be competitive. It is actually the opposite: in order to receive bigger budgets year after … [Read more...]

Ron Paul: Big Military Spending Boost Threatens Our Economy and Security

By: Ron Paul On Friday the House overwhelmingly approved a massive increase in military spending, passing a $696 billion National Defense Authorization bill for 2018. President Trump’s request already included a huge fifty or so billion dollar … [Read more...]

Scary: Bill Nye says old people have to die to solve global warming

If you want further evidence that global warming is nothing more than a cult then look no further than Bill Nye "The Not So Science Guy." Speaking in an interview with The Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, Nye said that old people need to die in … [Read more...]

Government Fail: More seniors graduate with ‘A’ average, average SAT scores fall

Imagine if the free market system produced such a horrific result... According to a "stunning" report by USA Today, more seniors are graduating with "A" averages, but the average SAT score is tumbling. This is the direct result of the "Easy A" and … [Read more...]

To Fix Healthcare, Trump Needs to Repeal a Lot More than Obamacare

By: Ryan McMaken I've always been willing to accept a repeal of Obamacare that was less than perfect, and I've never subscribed to the idea that only a total and complete repeal of Obamacare should warrant my support. Even a small tax cut is … [Read more...]

Age of Envy: Most Americans hold unfavorable views of the rich

We live in the age of envy. Rather than celebrate success (real success, not the crony kind) we tend to dismiss it, resent those who have the wealth and demand that they pay higher tax rates than everyone else. According to the results of the … [Read more...]

Alex Jones indie folk song is the best thing you’ll see today

Alex Jones has entered the world of meme-ification. Everyone is taking a shot at Jones, even his most ardent supporters. The latest example is the Alex Jones indie folk song that will likely be the best thing you will watch all day. Here is the … [Read more...]

How ‘Saudi America’ made OPEC irrelevant

Over the last 12 months, crude production levels in the United States have spiked more than 10 percent. Many experts project that U.S. oil output will top 10 million barrels per day (bpd) sometime this year, or at the least next year. Essentially, … [Read more...]

War on Cash: EU says criminals prefer using cash to bitcoin

Another day, another attack against cash. The European Union (EU) has released new evidence that criminals are more likely to use cash than digital currencies like bitcoin. Is this real proof or just another excuse to amplify the war on … [Read more...]

Trump’s Watch: Monthly federal spending tops $400 billion for first time

The United States government does not having a revenue problem. Washington has a spending problem. And it doesn't matter who is in office - R or D or Donald Trump - the state will continue to spend like drunken sailors (sorry drunken … [Read more...]