LOL: Socialists blame capitalism for Chris Christie using a closed public beach

Every day, it becomes clearer and clearer that the left and socialists do not understand what capitalism means. As President Donald Trump would say, sad! Maybe if they understood what capitalism is, and not cronyism, then perhaps they would abandon the failed concept of socialism and start promoting capitalism. Until then, socialists continue to highlight their ignorance.

This was evident on Monday, when Jacobin, a socialist magazine, blamed capitalism for New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie taking his family and a couple of staffers to a closed state beach.

Huh? This is the exact opposite of capitalism.

Here is the tweet:

There are a few possibilities to consider here:

First, Jacobin may be equating the Republican Party with capitalism, which is absurd. The GOP is far from promoting and espousing the values of capitalism. They are superb cronyists.

Second, Jacobin is perhaps advocating for the privatization of beaches, which is an idea that should be championed as it would be real capitalism.

Third, Jacobin doesn’t really know what capitalism is.

Do you know what capitalism is, though?

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