Scary: Media calling for regime change in North Korea, Iran

What is the mainstream media’s obsession with regime change? Haven’t they learned their lessons in Iraq, Libya and Syria – not to mention the countless others that the U.S. has conducted over the last 50 years? It seems they haven’t – maybe they think THIS time it will work.

Well, it’s apparent that the likes of Fox News and Wall Street Journal are itching for more of U.S. meddling in the domestic affairs of foreign nations.

Fox News wants a regime change in North Korea, while the Wall Street Journal wants to change the governments of North Korea and Iran.

First, here are two clips of Fox News talking about taking out North Korea:

Second, here is an editorial from the newspaper discussing wiping out the Kim Jong-un leadership and the government of Iran:

“The best option is a comprehensive strategy to change the Kin Regime, as former Undersecretary of State Robert Joseph has argued,” the WSJ writes.

“Last but not least, the American pressure campaign should seek to undermine Iran’s rulers by strengthening the pro-democracy forces that erupted in Iran in 2009, nearly toppling the regime.”

Here is a tweet with the entire editorial:

This is scary stuff.

For the last few months, it looked like that Fox News was surprisingly becoming the voice of reason in a crazy media landscape, thanks to Tucker Carlson. Nope. Fox is just has bloodthirsty for another conflict as CNN, NBC and all of the other wacky news outlets that love war.

Let’s hope that President Donald Trump won’t be swayed by the neocons in his administration or by the crazed loons in the media who just want war after war after war.

And they say Vladimir Putin is the only obstacle to world peace.

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