War on Cash: Denmark bans cash in prisons to fight crime

Scandinavia has been at the epicenter in the war on cash. Whether it is Sweden or Norway, in their quest to control the population, the war on cash has been amplified by governments and central banks in recent years.

The newest example of their crazed initiative is in Denmark, where politicians banned the use of cash in the nation’s largest prisons. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

According to the Associated Press last month, the Danish government commenced its prohibition of cash in prisons and will now require prisoners to pay for their goods electronically. The purpose behind these efforts is to make it “easier to follow the money flow in and out,” says Justice Minister Soeren Pape Poulsen.

Of course, it’s the typical reasoning: to fight the “criminal circles [who] exploit their friends’ incarceration to hide money.”

The ban is expected to be installed this summer.

Joseph Salerno of the Mises Institute sees through this as well:

“Of course government officials do not believe this nonsense. The real point of the measure is to reinforce the link between cash and criminality in the public mind so that citizens are more amenable when the day comes that their own cash is seized by government.”

You can expect the war on cash to get crazier in the coming years.

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