‘Welcome to Hell’: Anti-capitalists fight capitalism in Hamburg with products of capitalism

Are rioters blind to the irony by their actions? They hate capitalism, they want to destroy the free market system and they detest private property. Yet, they utilize the very products of capitalism, free markets and private property! Oh, the irony.

Case in point, in front of a fire at a G20 Summit protest in Hamburg, Germany (didn’t they want to fight climate change?), a hipster protester, sporting his Black Block gear and hip haircut, snapped a selfie with an iPhone.

Nothing says you hate capitalism more than… using a famous product of capitalism: the Apple iPhone.

Here is the tweet poking fun at the rioter:

To this ardent supporter of Marxist doctrine, he thinks he will end capitalism by taking a picture of himself with one of the greatest world-changing devices ever created by capitalism.

Interestingly enough, you can find additional irony in the photo: he is using gel for his ultra-cool haircut (capitalism).

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