An example of a neocon itching to go to war with Russia, Iran

Despite the United States constantly at war and stationed all over the world, many neo-conservatives still need to ramp up their military offensive efforts. To these neocons, war is all they think of; without a new adversary, boogeyman or conflict they will melt and perish.

Case in point is Lt. Col. and Fox News analyst Ralph Peters.

Speaking in an interview with Tucker Carlson on Tuesday, Peters dismissed the idea of maintaining a peaceful alliance with Russia, suggested that the U.S. needs to invade Iran and called Carlson a Nazi apologist. The funniest part was when he declared that Putin is literally Hitler.

Like Arizona Senator John McCain, Peters is one of those officials who is itching for a new war and is on the lookout another battle to embark upon. It’s sickening. People similar to Peters are one of the reasons why groups like Taliban, al Qaeda and ISIS are formed – they hate peace, they want to intervene in the domestic affairs of foreign nations and they think every other leader is iniquitous except for the American leadership.

Here is the interview embedded below:

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  1. I saw this interview live, and a few thoughts passed came up:

    1. No wonder we can’t end any of our current wars;
    2. Every time Lt. Col. Peters was asked why, he would go into a rant about Putin murdering journalists and bombing women and children;\
    3. Why does every activity in Syria concern him?
    4. Why does the United States have to back rebel factions that can’t establish that the place will be better with them in charge?
    5. Syria is closer to Russia than to the United States. By my estimation, they should have more input into the end-game than the United States should.

    Tucker Carlson asked the right questions; Lt. Col. Peters just didn’t have the right answers. He knocked his credibility into a mud pit with a pile-driver by giving these answers.

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