You Will Obey! San Jose State mandates freshmen to attend $250 ‘diversity and inclusion’ training

Do you want further evidence as to why so many Americans frown upon the current state of post-secondary education? Then look no further than San Jose State University, where freshmen are required to dole out a couple of hundred bucks for SJW indoctrination.

San Jose State University freshmen are now required to spend $250 on a forced one-day “diversity and inclusion” training program – it will be an additional $80 for every extra family member. The course will include videos on microaggressions (yay!).

If you choose to not participate then you will be unable to attend class registration. Simply put: you can’t opt out.

“No portion of this fee is optional as students are required to participate in all aspects of the program. This fee is non-refundable,” the university states.

Here are some images:

This is much more than typical wacky leftist indoctrination. Instead, this type of program can be likened to “1984” because you are told what to think and you must obey. What’s worse is that you’re paying for this brainwashing as well.

Unfortunately, the entire academic community has been eviscerated. It was said that if you want a real education then you should ignore anything that ends in “Studies.” However, thanks to some teachers now wanting to provide a feminist look at quantum physics, you can now conclude that every facet of the university experience is ridiculous.

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