Week in Review: July 10 to July 16

In case you missed any of this week’s articles, here is a round-up of some of the most read pieces written by the Economic Collapse News staff:

‘In over their head’ Canadians can’t cope with BOC’s rising interest rates

‘Welcome to Hell’: Anti-capitalists fight capitalism in Hamburg with products of capitalism

War on Cash: Denmark bans cash in prisons to fight crime

Is Paul Krugman getting excited by the G20 violence?

Chart: A look at America’s view of national institutions and their impact

Missouri Blues: University of Missouri sheds 400 jobs, closes seven dormitories

The Bernanke-Yellen Bubble-Depression

Snap Inc (SNAP) plunges 5% after Morgan Stanley lowers price target

Top 5 Trump-Russia fake news stories (video)

You Will Obey! San Jose State mandates freshmen to attend $250 ‘diversity and inclusion’ training

Mortgage applications plunge 7.4% in first week of July

Sebastian Gorka: More Americans watch cartoons than CNN

An example of a neocon itching to go to war with Russia, Iran

Left-wing rage gave us weekends? Tom Woods destroys leftists, Antifa

A perfect illustration of how government really works

Medicad? Politician proves government education is a failure

Hey, Trump, end the war on drugs NOW

6 random things for Friday (SS payments increase 2.2%, FAANG stocks, Max Boot wants war)

Wow! PewDiePie educates 56 million subscribers on gender pay gap myth

5 Takeaways from the House’s Janet Yellen Hearing

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