Week in Review: July 24 to July 30

In case you missed any of this week’s articles, here is a round-up of some of the most read pieces written by the Economic Collapse News staff:.

Poll: Just 14% want to abolish the Federal Reserve

Paging Thomas DiLorenzo – The Never-Ending Woes of a Government ‘Enterprise’

Chart: Will greater education, healthcare spending save the U.S.?

Report: ‘Shrinkflation’ has affected 2,500 products since 2012

Google spent $5.9 million in lobbying in Q2 2017: report

Cronyism: ‘Made in America’ event shows 21 businesses receiving federal funds

Donald Trump to nominate Janet Yellen or Gary Cohn in 2018

Seattle’s Minimum Wage Supporters Ignore the Facts

Video: The untold story of Afghan refugees

Paging Robert Wenzel – Loblaw says $15 minimum wage will raise expenses by $190 million

Ron Paul: Mr. Trump: Veto This Bill! – Sanctions Lead To War

Cal-Exit: California AG approves secession efforts

6 random things for Friday (fashion gender pay gap, ‘What Happened’, Foxconn)

Federal Reserve Remains on Course – to Trouble

Wow! World stock market capitalization topped $78 trillion in June

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