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Treasury Secretary: ‘Having a weaker dollar is somewhat better for us’

It looks Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is adopting President Donald Trump's proposal of implementing a weak-dollar policy, reversing the official White House mantra of a strong U.S. dollar. Speaking in an interview with CNBC on Thursday, the … [Read more...]

LOL: Leftists triggered by free speech comedy show in Toronto

Not even Canada is immune from leftists equating free speech with Nazism and fascism. Over the weekend, in Toronto, a comedy show celebrating free speech was shut down because leftists caused the club to cancel the act. There were threats of … [Read more...]

T-shirts for 33 cents? Chinese factory to produce 23 million t-shirts a year with 300 robots

Is this the future of apparel? In the next 20 years, are we going to be able to purchase shirts, pants and shoes for just a few cents? Well, we're getting a glimpse of this now. A Chinese t-shirt company is establishing a facility in Arkansas that … [Read more...]

Socialist Paradise: How is socialism doing in Venezuela? (video)

Venezuela is what you get when you mix socialism, totalitarian leadership and hatred for capitalism: hell on earth. For years, the Latin American country was described a "socialist paradise" by the Hollywood elite. However, they have remained … [Read more...]

Ron Paul: Will Donald Trump, Congress declare war on WikiLeaks?

By: Ron Paul The Senate Intelligence Committee recently passed its Intelligence Authorization Act for 2018 that contains a chilling attack on the First Amendment. Section 623 of the act expresses the “sense of Congress” that WikiLeaks resembles … [Read more...]

Texas news crew SHOCKED by basic economics in Hurricane Harvey fallout

What do they teach in journalism school? Better yet, what do they teach in high school? If this story is anything to go by, it is apparent that they do not teach economics, which is why so many people do not understand how the free market … [Read more...]

Russian central bank bails out Otkritie Bank

And the Russian central bank was doing so well... Well, it was better than what other central banks like the Federal Reserve, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) and the European Central bank (ECB) were doing. Reuters is reporting that the Russian central … [Read more...]

LOL: You can spend $1,200 to hear Hillary Clinton whine about her 2016 election loss

Do you want to hear Hillary Clinton's robotic voice blaming everyone for her epic 2016 election loss? Well, you can fork over $1,200 to do so! The former Secretary of State is going on a 15-city tour to promote her new book "What Happened." To sit … [Read more...]

Peter Schiff on Donald Trump: ‘Nothing has changed’

Suffice to say, candidate Donald Trump was much better than President Donald Trump. From the day he announced his candidacy, Trump would regularly slam the swamp, talk about how government numbers are phony and how the wars need to end. Today, … [Read more...]

Rule of thumb for American voters: never trust a Republican

By: Gregory Bresiger The Republicans failed on health care, but now they are offering a new plan for tax and spending cuts, with a promise of smaller government. But the GOP, with few exceptions, seems about as creditable as the Democrats and … [Read more...]