Video: The rise of Twitter lynch mobs

Is there any difference between a lynch mob of the 1930s and a lynch mob of today? Nope.

Fritz Lang directed one of the greatest pictures of his career called “Fury,” a 1936 gem starring Spencer Tracy and Sylvia Sidney. It was about a lynch mob that tries to kill a man for suspected of kidnapping (he was innocent).

Here is a clip from the picture:

Today, you don’t need pitch forks and fire. You don’t even need to get out of your home. You simply need to turn on your computer, fire away at your keyboard and show the world your condemnation without any evidence or facts.

This is the epitome of Twitter nowadays: angry, salivating, self-righteous lynch mobs devoid of facts.

1791L produced an excellent video that describes Twitter lynch mobs. Here is the video embedded below:

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