Bill Maher hopes Donald Trump crashes the stock market

Bill Maher is right on a few things (drugs, political correctness and religion) and wrong on pretty much everything else. He has been a staunch critic of President Donald Trump, and he takes plenty of jabs at Trump, just not as much as other late-night hosts that do it ad nauseam.

In a recent interview with the Counterfeit News Network, Maher talked to Fareed Zakaria about his show, Trump and politics in general.

One of the revealing things is that he thought Trump would crash the stock market, and he is still hoping that he does because it would lose him a lot of support.

Here is the clip:

The interesting thing is that a stock market crash, or at least a downturn, is inevitable. The problem with Trump is that he has taken credit for the surge on Wall Street, which ultimately makes him the fall guy for a recession or financial crisis occurs. He was much better as a candidate when he called the stock market climb a bubble and complained about phony government statistics.

Unfortunately, when a stock market crash does happen, causing millions of Americans to face pecuniary ruin, all of his critics will say that capitalism and free markets don’t work, conflating Trump with free markets (Trump has never, ever been a free market advocate).

In the end, Maher will get his wish. But Trump will suddenly say that it was the previous administration for causing the bubble in the first place, prompting many of his supporters to blindly believe him.

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