Has YouTube started censoring Ron Paul?

Has YouTube started to censor Ron Paul? It looks like it is only the beginning.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange revealed in a tweet over the weekend that YouTube is labeling Dr. Paul’s Liberty Report channel videos as “not suitable” for all advertisers.

Here is the screenshot:

Assange claims that the website is beginning to censor the three-time presidential candidate for his criticisms of United States foreign policy in Afghanistan and its treatment of WikiLeaks.

Interestingly enough, YouTube’s Ministry of Truth was likely first flagged by users before it took action.

It is quite obvious that on YouTube you must adhere to the state and, to quote Tom Woods, abide by the 3×5 card of allowable opinion. In today’s America, and one that YouTube agrees with, you must support endless war, you must consider WikiLeaks as the enemy and you must follow groupthink.

On YouTube, if you share political videos, the ideas should only ones that are supported by Silicon Valley. Or else you will be thrown down the Memory Hole.

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